Destiny 2 weekly reset for October 10, 2017


Bungie has launched the latest Destiny 2 weekly reset, offering up a fresh set of new Milestones for Guardians to tackle.

This week is quite significant for Destiny 2 fans, as it sees the launch of the game’s first Iron Banner event. Here, you’ll be able to compete in ultra-tough PvP matches for Lord Saladin to earn rare armor and weapons.

Aside from that, you can expect a new Nightfall, Flashpoint, and Call to Arms to keep you occupied for the next seven days.

Destiny 2 weekly reset – get the full lowdown


The Inverted Spire makes a return this week, with modifiers Attrition and Timewarp: Killing Time. 


Guardians are tasked with completing Public Events on Nessus. 


  • Combustion: Hawthorne’s waiting on the cliffs above the salt mines. Help her get the word out: we rally at the Farm.
  • Chosen: the Almighty is finished. Time to go home, save the Traveler, take back the City, and end this war. Be brave.
  • Hope: Commander Zavala is building a resistance at a moon of Saturn. Make contact and join the fight.

Call to Arms

Once again, just participate in Crucible matches (around five-seven) to earn powerful gear. 

Bungie confirmed overnight that the Destiny 2 Prestige difficulty mode has been delayed by one week. The new mode, which increases the challenge of the Leviathan Raid, will roll out next Tuesday. 

In addition, the former Halo developer has confirmed on Twitter that it’s looking for feedback for the upcoming Destiny 2 DLC.