Detroit Become Human Feature Guide PS4

Detroit Become Human Graffiti Locations – Find All The Symbols

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In the Detroit Become Human Jericho chapter, you need to find graffiti symbols. Though most are fairly easy to find there are some hidden ones. In this Detroit Become Human graffiti locations guide, we'll show you exactly where to find them.

In total, there are 16 pieces of graffiti in Detroit Become Human to find. You can watch the video below for a walkthrough on where to find each symbol, or follow the written guide below. And don’t forget to check out the PS4 review of Detroit Become Human.

Detroit Become Human Graffiti locations

  1. As soon as you get off the train, turn to your left and you'll find the first symbol on the wall.
  2. Head out of station, down the escalators and walk towards the wall right in front of you to discover two symbols.
  3. Head down the right, take a right across the first pedestrian crossing, and then a left to cross the road again. The next two symbols are on the side of the building.
  4. Follow the street around past that building, and check out the fencing on the left. There are three robot symbols on the wall. Each contain a Detroit Become Human graffiti symbol. You can scan two of them from outside the fence. Now go under the fence, remove the wooden pallet from by the wall and you can now scan the last one.
  5. Go into the area with the cars, and scan the symbol high on the wall where you see the picture of the lady's face. Now move the dump cart so you can climb up. On the same wall, there are another two symbols. Watch the video to find exact Detroit Become Human graffiti locations.
  6. Leap across gap and head down into the new area. Check the wall above and you'll find three symbols - top, middle, bottom.
  7. Climb up pre-constructing the route. And head through the corridor into the room. Watch the video to find the exact location of the final graffiti symbols.

Watch the video walkthrough below to find the Detroit Become Human graffiti locations.

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