devil may cry 5 Guide Purple Orbs

Devil May Cry 5 – Purple Orb Fragment Locations (All Devil Trigger Upgrades)


All three characters have a powerful form called Devil Trigger that, when used in battle, help deal tons of extra damage. Devil Trigger is limited to how big your bar is, though. With Purple Orbs, you can extend that bar, lengthening the amount of time you have to deal that extra damage in that stronger form. Scattered throughout the game are eight fragments, granting two extra bars.

Apart from that, you can also purchase five complete Purple Orbs from Nico in exchange for Red Orbs. These can be purchased by mission 4. They’re rather costly, so getting them all right away is not really realistic outside of wasting time farming lower levels. I recommend purchasing these along the way, as you won’t be in desperate need of them in the early goings.

Purple Orb Guide

Nico offers five easy-to-get orbs at a scaling cost.

Orb 1 – 3500 Red Orbs
Orb 2: 6000 Orbs
Orb 3: 9000 Orbs
Orb 4: 18000 Orbs
Orb 5: 40000 Orbs

To obtain the last two full orbs, collect the following eight fragments. The written guide is below this video guide:

Purple Orb Fragment #1

Mission 4: This first orb is rather simple. It appears right in front of you after you cross the railroad bridge.


Purple Orb Fragment #2

Mission 5: Once you’ve completed the fight in the warehouse, move toward the hallway to continue but do not enter yet. This purple orb is located above the entrance to that hallway.

Don’t enter the hallway without looking up first.

Purple Orb Fragment #3

Mission 9: After the first fight, you find yourself in a room with a big hole in the center. Continue down the hole and dispatch any enemies there. Before leaving this room, look toward the wall with a large wooden door, situation to the left of the one pathway out of the room. Press L1 to use V’s Nightmare summon, which will break down this door. Inside, you will be ambushed by a group of enemies. Defeat them, and this purple orb is yours.

Breaking down barriers for orbs.

Purple Orb Fragment #4

Mission 10: As you progress through this mission, you find large, white crystals. Once you find the second crystal, look around for a nearby cave. Jump into that cave. Once in, defeat the enemies that drop in on you. This purple orb is your reward for beating those enemies.

Beat these mobs in the hidden cave along the way.

Purple Orb Fragment #5

Mission 11: This is an easy orb. You find this one on a rooftop shortly after fighting a bunch of fiery drakes.

Another nice and easy orb fragment.

Purple Orb Fragment #6

Mission 12: In this level, you come across a room with a fountain, where you have to fill reservoirs with blood. In this room are two roadblocks on different levels, where you have to use those tick-looking Nidhogg Hatchlings to get through. Find a Nidhogg Hatchling, and use it on the lower roadblock first. Head into the newfound path. Search for a small room on the ride side. This is where you find this fragment.

Break through the lower roadblock first.

Purple Orb Fragment #7

Mission 14: This one is a bit tricky. Complete the opening fights where you regain your summonable pets and return to the real world. Continue on the linear path for a while until you have to destroy a blood clot to open the way. Once it’s destroyed, backtrack a bit to the last fork in the road and head down the other path instead. Move slowly through here until you see a small drop off on the right. Drop down there to find this purple orb fragment.

This one requires a bit of backtracking.

Purple Orb Fragment #8

Mission 16: This last fragment is even trickier than the last one. You find yourself dropping down into different levels, fighting your way through groups of baddies on each level. After the third fight, be sure to look down the hole to see the ledges on the way down. Without care, you could find yourself falling the entire way down. On a stable ledge on the way down is where this fragment is located. Some ledges crumble under your feet, so it might take a little trial and error. Use a checkpoint reload if you end up falling too far.

Mind your footing on the way down.

We hope this Purple Orb Guide helped you get the best out of your play time! Using these orbs, your Devil Trigger will be insane!