DiRT Rally trailer highlights new content for PS4 and Xbox One

Codemasters has unleashed new mud-soaked trailer for its upcoming off-road racer DiRT Rally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game was originally released on the PC late last year as a digital download, although for the console release Codemasters has incorporated a host of new content, including extra vehicles (the Classic Mini and Super 1600 series among others), plus a track made famous by Colin McRae himself, the Pike Peaks.

Check out the video below.

DiRT Rally is scheduled for release on PS4 and Xbox One on April 5. Earlier this week, the development team said that the racer is targeting 1080p/60fps on Sony’s console, something which the studio feels confident it will achieve. 

The DiRT series first launched in 2007 on last-generation formats following the success of Colin McRae Rally and its various sequels on PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Despite the tragic death of McRae in late 2007, the DiRT series continued with two sequels and the spin-off DiRT Showdown, though has eschew the Colin McRae branding for all subsequent titles.