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DOOM Eternal Director Already Has Ideas For The Next Game

Even though DOOM Eternal hasn’t released yet, that hasn’t stopped its creative director from having ideas about what the studio should go onto next. Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (transcribed by VGC), id Software creative director Hugo Martin said that the studio’s focus is now effectively split between providing DLC for DOOM Eternal and the next game that the studio has coming on the horizon.

“We’re already moving on to… I don’t want to say ‘the next thing’ – that is a PR answer, because I’m not allowed to say that – but we have ideas, certainly, and DLC [for Doom Eternal],” Martin told Rogan.

“Certainly we’re always dual-tracking things and talking always, because you never know when the cool idea is going to come along and you’re [always] jotting down notes,” he added. “We keep those conversations going on the side and see how it goes.”

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Between extensive DLC support for DOOM Eternal and a range of ideas for future games, it’s refreshing to see id Software at the forefront of the industry once again.

In terms of the DLC that DOOM Eternal will be receiving, id Software has previously confirmed that its super shooter sequel will not only have new single-player expansions but also a stream of constant content updates for its innovative multiplayer Battlemode, too. Presumably, some of this extra content will also include the delayed Invasion mode too – where players can ‘invade’ the single-player campaign of others and generally create a whole heap of trouble for them in the process.

For the uninitiated, DOOM Eternal’s Battlemode is an innovative, adversarial multiplayer game type where two players take control of demons and the other the Doom Slayer in a fight to the death. The kicker here though, is that Team Demon can choose from a variety of demons from the main campaign, while the DOOM Slayer is absolutely armed to the teeth with weapons, mods and perks.

DOOM Eternal is set to release on March 20, 2020. Look for our review soon!

Source: Joe Rogan Podcast via VGC