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Dying Light 2 Development Is A Disaster Claims Polish Website

A Polish Website recently published an article claiming the in development Dying Light 2 is a total disaster according to people working on the game. Dying Light 2 currently sits without a release date after what seems to be an indefinite delay.

Dying Light 2 Development Is A Disaster Claims Polish Website

The article claims that a lot of behind the scenes issues going on with developer Techland. Some highlights include a lack of story and gameplay direction. Writer Avellone’s script has been diluted by top executives to make for a more run of the mill story and quest structure. Verbal abuse from top staff and insane 9 am to 10 pm work hours. Among many other issues.

As of this writing, the Polish piece remains published but Techland PR manager Ola Sondej has claimed the translation of the article is totally inaccurate and that Dying Light 2 is still moving forward and is in good shape and in good hands.

Whether the game is actually in trouble we may not know until it’s actually released. The quick response from Techland also seems to indicate quick damage control or it could simply mean that the game is actually on track and that the article just maybe poorly translated. With recent reveals of working conditions at Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games it’s not hard to imagine that these kinds of working conditions exist.

Source: Resetera