Dynasty Warriors 9 reborn with an open-world design

 So, we’ve known for some time that Koei Tecmo and Omega Force were looking to revamp some of the systems for Dynasty Warriors 9, and finally we have some further details about which direction the hack ‘n’ slash is going.

Finally official confirmed over the weekend, Dynasty Warriors 9 has been confirmed as an open-world game. Gematsu has gathered some additional information which reveals that “There will be towns in the vast fields that players can freely enter and exit, and the map will have considerable differences in elevation.”

Dynasty Warriors 9 map will be colossal

Other details include:

  • 83 playable characters from throughout the series
  • The land will be huge – a full recreation of China!
  • Battle areas will be limited across the game world
  • The control scheme will be revamped
  • It will still feature huge battles across detailed battlegrounds
  • Zhao Cang will be a comedy character who will carry the Dai Satsu katana as a weapon

The Dynasty Warriors 9 release date and platforms have yet to be announced, though we assume it will appear on PS4. Want to know more about the series? Check out our Dynasty Warriors 8 review.