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EA Reveals Anthem Story and Customisation Options

EA Reveals Anthem Story and Customisation Options

EA has recently started a new video series revealing some of the finer details on their new open world multiplayer game Anthem. Part one goes into detail on some of the people you will meet and some of the places you will visit. Your Javelin’s various gear and personalization options are also covered in never before seen detail. Loadouts are discussed and it seems you can have four per class meaning plenty of options for battle in the open world.

Later in the video, we are treated to a new mission given to us by Haluk, one of the NPC’s in the games hub called Fort Tarsis. This is also the area where you prepare for your various missions, upgrade your Javelin and take on more quests form the many characters.

New Anthem Details Revealed

There is also a plethora of new information on the EA website which I will briefly go over below.

You are part of the Freelancers, a dedicated group of Javelin pilots that protect Fort Tarsis against the threat of The Dominion. The Dominion is an old enemy force growing in power that must be stopped at any cost. The war with The Dominion has been a long one but now under the new rule of The Monitor they pose an ever-increasing threat, wish to enslave all of mankind and harness the power of the Anthem.

Fort Tarsis, which you are sworn to protect acts as your home location between missions and acts as your single player experience for tailoring your Javelin to your own unique taste. You can pick up new quests, meet new faces and pick up contracts from the various factions in the game. You can catch up with your crew between missions, have a bit of banter, or even gain intel on what has happened recently in the world of Anthem.

At your disposal are four classes of Javelin all with varying strengths and weaknesses. the Ranger, the formidable Colossus, the fast Interceptor, and the elemental Storm. Each Javelin has two unique abilities and one devastating ultimate ability at your disposal, creating various options and tactical nuances when in the field. The Colossus is the powerhouse in the team and favours offensive abilities, the Storm has weak armour but can unleash mighty elemental attacks. The Interceptor is quick, agile and can glide around the battlefield with ease. Lastly, The Ranger is the all-rounder on the team, a jack of all trades but master of none. A perfect starting Javelin for new players.

Your loadouts consist of two pieces of offensive gear, one support piece and six components which hopefully will lead to numerous options when heading into battle with friends. Your overall gear score is calculated by what you have equipped, no great surprise there and par for the course with MMO-lite game like this.

Gear comes in varying rarities, again, no great shock. You will be playing through the various content to get rarer gear, increase your overall gear score, take on higher level content and repeat it all over again. Blueprints can also be found throughout the world of Anthem and can be crafted back at Fort Tarsis; what I do like about this is that they can be used multiple times and match your current level, making them always relevant.

The personalization options for your Javelin are plentiful, from different paint jobs to different paint finishes. You can even apply different colours and finishes over multiple parts of your Javelin to suit your needs. Emotes are also included in the game, which again is not a shock to anyone. But if I do see someone flossing I will shoot them in the face.

You Can Try Anthem Soon

Anthem releases on February 22, 2019. You can get your hands on the game before then in the VIP or public demos. We have compiled a bunch of information on how to access those demos and more. You can also check out the latest trailer for the game, which was revealed at CES 2019.

What Javelin will you be choosing when the game launches? Do you prefer a supporting role in the team or do you like to go on an all-out offensive? Let us know in the comments below.