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EA Shoots Down Rumours That A Dead Space 2 Remake Was In The Works Before Being Cancelled

During his daily show Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb claimed that EA Motive was actually planning to work on a remake of Dead Space 2, after its critically beloved remake of the original Dead Space.

If you’re new to Jeff Grubb, he’s earned a reputation as an industry insider, for previously and accurately sharing information pin-pointing coming projects and providing a peak behind the curtain into different corners of the industry.

Grubb claimed the Dead Space 2 Remake was in the concept phase, before it was ultimately canned by EA, with Motive now working on a new Iron Man game and being added to the support team of studios who will work on the next Battlefield project.

Following Grubb’s claims, EA has released a statement in which it claimed that there was no truth to what Grubb said. The statement, sent to IGN, reads, “We don’t normally comment on rumors but there is no validity to this story.”

Grubb has responded, reiterating that what he said was true, that a remake of Dead Space 2 was being planned, and then it wasn’t, and people can put the rest together themselves.

As for why we’re not getting a Dead Space 2 Remake, if one was planned or not, the blame can be placed on the 2023 remake failing to hit the sales targets that EA set out for it.

Ultimately it’s unlikely we’ll ever know for sure if a remake of Dead Space 2 was part of EA’s plans at all, and right now, what we can say with assurance is that Motive is working on two projects, Iron Man and Battlefield.

That still leaves the fact that it is disappointing we’re not seeing a Dead Space 2 Remake. The Dead Space series was one that many players loved, with Dead Space 2 being arguably the best game among the trilogy. For it to not get the same love and care the first one got, is unfortunate.

Source – [Jeff Grubb, IGN]