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Far Cry 5 Flavor Country – Mission Walkthrough For Roadkills

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The Far Cry 5 Flavor Country mission can be a little frustrating, but hopefully this walkthrough guide will make it a little easier! In the Flavor Country side mission in Far Cry 5, you need to meet up with Chad Wolanski.

This chap can be found in Jacob's Region in the Whitetail Mountains. You want to head to The Grill Steak restaurant where he'll ask you to collect meat from Antlered Roadkills.

There's a total of four pieces of meat you need to bring back to Chad. In return you'll get a cool $750 and 200 RP.

The roadkill is easy to find. The locations will be flagged up on your map. Head to one of the areas and make sure you tag any deer from a distance so they don't sneak away from your sight.

Far Cry 5 Flavor Country – Getting Roadkills

You simply need to get in your vehicle, chase down the deer and run them over. Make sure you get out to skin them, and bring their skins back to Chad.

The one issue that some players are having is deers don't seem to die when running them over. If you're experiencing this issue then make sure you've unlocked the Ultimate Hunter Boost perk. Get back in your car and mow them down.

It can take some deer multiple hits in your vehicle until they're dead, which is very frustrating. It's worth checking out this video, as this guy’s found a great spot for finding deer in the Flavor Country mission.

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