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Far Cry 5 Patriots Act – Mission Walkthrough

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Tucked away in John's Region you'll find the Far Cry 5 Patriots Act mission. This is a side mission you can pick up from Howard Cabin, just to the South West of Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm.

Once you've got the Patriots Act details from Willis Huntley, you'll jump into his vehicle and head to an area near to the Lincoln Lookout Tower. Your mission is to get your hands on a video tape that may hold some damning evidence.

You'll need to work your way up the tower eliminating enemies, until they've all been taken out. Take care of the tower lookouts first, and make sure you tag as many enemies as possible to make it easier. You can also take advantage of the tunnels around the area for a stealthier approach.

Once the area is clear and you hook up again with Willis, you'll need to follow the helicopter. You'll need to stay as close as possible otherwise you'll fail the mission. There's an ATV in that area which is perfect for keeping up!

You'll end up at the Sawyer Residence where you'll need to kill some more enemies. Check out the hut at the back of the residence and take the hatch down into the bunker. You'll find the video tape on a metal shelf in the bunker. Now, head back to Willis.

For completing the Far Cry 5 Patriots Act mission, you'll earn a weapon skin for your SMG-11, a perk point and 200 RP.

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