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Parker laboratories Far Cry 5 – Location, Magnopulser Mission Walkthrough

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So, you're looking for Larry Parker? And hoping to find out the location of Parker laboratories in Far Cry 5? It's well worth finding this area, because he triggers four missions, you'll earn a trophy and unlock the magnopulser weapon!

Parker Laboratories location in Far Cry 5

In John's Region, start off at the house at Falls End. There are two roads that lead West from the location from this area. Take the Northern road West. At the junction take a left, then take the first right to find Parker Laboratories.

When you first meet Larry Parker, you'll get the Free Larry mission. It's simple enough. Just turn off the generators by following the blue cables. For the next part of the mission, you'll be heading to the PurpleTop Telecom Tower.

There's plenty of cultists to take out, so clear the area, and head up the tower. Destroy the satellite dish which will pave a way to the next platform. Enjoy a helping hand from Larry in the Chopper, and shoot down each satellite dish.

Back to Parker Laboratories, and you'll need to get rid of the cultists again before returning to Larry.

In the third part of the mission, you'll be checking out a crop circle. You'll need to find four alien objects. The first is on the silo in the South West, the second is in the East where you'll encounter a cultist with a flamethrower. The third is smack bang in the center, and the final alien object is in the North - you'll need to get the artefact from the dog. Shooting it is the quickest way!

Bring your items back to Larry, and get ready for the final part of the mission. You'll now be on your way to the Transformer Station and you want to need to head to the hut in the North West. Flick the switch in the hut and take out the cultists.

You'll need to trigger some more switches, which are displayed on your HUD so they're easy to find. It's the cultists that keep appearing that make this challenge more difficult. Once you've flicked all the switches, head back to Larry for one final push and get the magnopulser for your efforts.

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