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Far Cry 5 Playing With Fire Key – Prepper Stash Location

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One of the trickier prepper stashes to complete in Ubisoft's action-adventure is the Playing With Fire mission, in particular finding the Far Cry 5 Playing With Fire key.

Alongside our prepper stash locations guide, we're going to highlight this particular spot separately as it's proving to be a tough one to find. First up, the location of the Playing With Fire key in Far Cry 5 is in John's Region.

It's directly East of Lamb of God of God Church. Just keep walking East, past the North of the crop circle to the wooded area just before you reach the road. You'll pick up the clue by the yellow Hope County bus.

Sneak into the area and take out the cultist, and go inside the bus to pick up the clue. The clue to finding the prepper stash reads: Jack – Cult finally went crazy. Well, more crazy. let’s hide our good shit inside the big pipe. I’ll meet you there. Watch out for bears! - Howard

On the bank of the lake to the south there's a drainpipe. Head through and out the other end. Have your weapon at the ready to take out the flame-thrower wielding enemy, and potentially a bear. Follow the trail of blood to the dead body where you'll also find the Far Cry 5 Playing With Fire key.

Go back to the tunnel and head down the other part of the tunnel to the left. There's a wolverine you'll have to fight off, before you use the key, open the gate and grab the prepper stash.

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