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Far Cry 5 Shooting Gallery – How To Kill The Ducks

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The Far Cry 5 Shooting Gallery mission appears bugged for some players, but it's just the way you're trying to kill those birds! Available in Jacob's Region in the White Mountains from the White Tail Park Ranger Station, meet up with the captain to grab the shooting gallery mission.

If you manage to complete this shooting task, you'll gain $800 and 100 RP. Things start off easy with having to shoot 10 targets in 30 seconds. Luckily most of these targets are static. Just watch out for the two moving targets.

Far Cry 5 Shooting Gallery – How To Kill The Ducks

Now, it gets tougher. You'll need to shout 8 moving targets and two that are stationary in 45 seconds. Finally, you'll have 60 seconds to shoot down five birds. This is where it gets really tricky!

Now, remember you don't have to stay by that table where you start off. You can move around. This makes it easier if you're using a shotgun as you can get closer.

There are also grenades you can use, which is a little easier than using your rifle! Just lob one up in the air and kill multiple ducks at the same time! Remote charges work just as well.

So, that’s how you kill the ducks in the Far Cry 5 Shooting Gallery mission. We tried and failed six times while using the shotgun to kill them, so we really do recommend those grenades!

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