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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

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In this Far Cry New Dawn guide, we’ll walk you through tips, missions and much more. Though the latest game in the series has been described as having Lite-RPG elements, there’s still a lot of content to go through, including tons of collectibles.

Consequently, our guide is a work in progress. Get tips, check out some of the missions in action, find out where to find the treasure, and much more. And before you start, don’t forget to check out the Far Cry New Dawn review.

Far Cry New Dawn Guide


Far Cry New Dawn Main Mission List

1. Crawling from the Wreckage
2. Find Hope
3. Gear Up
4. Breakout
5. Losing Streak
6. Deep Dive
7. Under Siege
8. New Eden’s Secret
9. The Prophecy
10. Eden’s Fire
11. Into the Bliss
12. Joseph’s Secret
13. Buzz Kill
14. The Great Escape
15. Adventures in Babysitting
16. Homecoming
17. Through the Wringer
18. Now That’s Entertainment
19. Inside Job
20.Riding Derby
21. Problem Solver
22.Ethan’s Soul

All Treasure Hunt Solutions

Animal Locations


  • Dear Photographs
  • Lost Music Players

Patch Notes