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Final Fantasy Tactics Director Says “There Are No Plans” For A Remaster

Despite rumours having only gained traction around a remaster or remake for Final Fantasy Tactics, director and writer of the original game Yasumi Matsuno has claimed that in fact there is no remaster in the works.

Matsuno was asked by a fan on Twitter about adding a new feature into the remaster the user and many others believe is incoming. In response, Matsuno said “Currently, there are no plans for remastering. Also, you have to convey your request to SQEX [Square Enix], not me. Thank you for your understanding.

Fans have been hoping for a remaster since it popped up on that big list of games from the NVIDIA leak some time ago, many of which have proved to be true.

Just this past February, reports that the remaster was “coming” and that the development team was ramping up work on it got fans plenty excited.

It could be that there were plans, and there are no longer plans, and there still could be plans for a remaster soon, but in any case this definitely muddies up the question of whether or not the remaster is happening.

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