Former Crysis 2 writer working for Guerrilla Games; perhaps Killzone 4

Martin Lancaster, former writer of Crytek titles Crysis and Crysis 2, has now posted on his official website that he’s now working on a new project under the Guerrilla Games banner.

Currently listed as "Unannounced Project," we can only assume that the title will be part of the Killzone series; hence, Killzone 4. The Crysis series has been greeted with fairly positive acclaim, and we here at PlayStation Universe even gave it a pretty decent score, which you can check right here. The Killzone series is a beloved staple to the PlayStation 3, but getting some new blood from other shooters may help differentiate the experience a bit to make it really stand out. On the other hand, it could contradict what Guerrilla Games has already succeeded at doing with the franchise. What do you guys think about a Crysis 2 writer moving over to this beloved Sony franchise? Did you guys like the writing in Crysis 2?

Via NeoGaf