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Fortnite Patch Notes For Update 13.30 Confirmed

Epic Games has released the Fortnite patch notes for update 13.30, which is otherwise known as update 2.78. Get the full lowdown on Fortnite 13.30 below for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Fortnite Patch Notes 13.30 Confirmed

General Updates:

• Summer Splash LTMs

– Another wave of LTMs enter the Summer Splash rotation this week, including Payback!, Catch!, and One Shot.

• The Sea-son Evolves

– As water levels recede, familiar locations are revealed and something new (and a new challenge) surfaces

• Get the band back together – Teamwork required

– We’ve added new Challenges recommended for group play – team up with your favourite squamates and clean up. Anyone in your squad can contribute. Prove to us they’re too easy we’ll ratchet up the difficulty.

• Build-A-Brella

– The final challenge for Build-A-Brella is available this week. Lock in your perfect style.

• Updated Mobile HUD Layout Tool

– Check out the new changes by accessing the HUD Layout Tool through the menu.

• Aquaman

– In case you missed it: All of Aquaman’s Challenges are now available, meaning all of his rewards – including his outfit with bonus Arthur Curry style – are now unlock able.

• Where’s my Car?

– No Sweat is investigating auto coverage. Until then, many of the island’s vehicles have been recalled.

Bugs that have been addressed:

• Supply Drops at The Authority not opening when searched.

– Supply Drops at The Authority may at times not open after players search them.

• Floating Rings not visible on platforms with lower settings.

– The weekly Challenge “Collect Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks” has been replaced by the “Search Ammo Boxes at The Fortilla” Challenge.

• Black rectangles appearing behind player when turning around in the Storm.

– Black rectangles can appear behind the player’s character when turning around in the Storm.

• Gliding not working properly around The Authority.

– All forms of gliding, including deploying from a Launch Pad or Jules’ Glider Gun, may not work properly when around The Authority. Gliding may either stop when near The Authority or not start.