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Ghost of Tsushima Story, Complete Setting Revealed By Official PlayStation Magazine

Even though The Last of Us Part 2 has been delayed indefinitely, Ghost of Tsushima does seem to still be holding its June 2020 release slot. For now. To whet our collective appetites for what looks to be another great PlayStation 4 exclusive, the folks at the Official UK PlayStation Magazine managed to get the lowdown on the story and setting of Ghost of Tsushima.

Beware, because as you can probably guess, spoilers be followin’.

Set between the years 1274 and 1281 during the Mongol invasion of Japan, players take control of one Jin Sakai, an honorable samurai trained by his uncle Shimura, who just so happens to be the Lord of Tsushima Island.

An archipelago off the coast of mainland Japan, Jin soon finds himself in the fight against the overwhelming Mongol horde. With the forces of Tsushima Island soon defeated and both Jin and Shimura able to escape the carnage, Jin begins to realise that brute force won’t get the job done against these new and vicious invaders.

Instead Jin turns to the path of the Ninja, mastering the Way of the Ghost that allows him to stealthily subvert and kill the foes that outnumber him greatly. Soon enough, Jin becomes revered as a Robin Hood type figure that fights against the Mongol might for the oppressed people of Tsushima, which as one might guess makes him public enemy number one where the Mongols are concerned.

Sensing Jin’s role in the battle to come, he catches the attention of Khotun Khan, a fictional analog of the real-life Kublai Khan that actually led the Mongol invasion across Asia, who promises to crush Jin and everything that he represents at all costs.

Sounds like good, down-to-earth epic drama with expertly trained stabby folk to me. Ghost of Tsushima is currently schedule to release on June 29, 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Official UK PlayStation Magazine