God of War PS4 introduces the Draugr in new trailer

god of war ps4 enemies

Sony Santa Monica looks to finally be ending the God of War PS4 drought with what seems to be the first part of a continuing video series. In this "God of War – The Lost Pages of Norse Myth." video series, we get our first look at the "Draugr." 

Here’s what Sony Santa Monica has to say about the Draugr:

"Malice and danger abound throughout the Realms — fearsome creatures stalk traveler and warrior alike. Woe be unto anyone unfortunate or foolish enough to cross the patth of these terrors in the wild, for it will seal your doom."

While there’s nary a second of gameplay in the video, I have to say, the artwork looks fantastic! It looks like Kratos will be going up against some fearsome creatures in his new Norse adventure. Want more God of War? Check out the concept art revealed by the studio that might make perfect desktop wallpapers. You can also read up on the game’s upgrade system and how it’ll tie in to Norse mythology.

God of War will be available on the PS4 sometime in 2018.