God of War PSVR game to be announced at E3 2017 – rumor


The developer behind the God of War franchise is reportedly working on a new title for the PlayStation VR, reports VRFocus.

According to an anonymous source at Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica Studio, the team responsible for making Kratos a household name among gamers is one of many developers working on the second wave of PSVR games for Sony’s virtual reality gaming headset. Here’s what the tipster had to say on the matter:

There’s been a number of projects brought to [Sony] Santa Monica, but many of them have just been prototypes from game jams. [Sony] Santa Monica are working on something big. It’s a full-blown 2nd wave title for [PlayStation VR]. It’ll be revealed soon and I know it’ll go well with the core PlayStation audience, but I can’t say any more than that!

It’s also speculated that the as-yet unannounced title will be present at E3 2017 next month alongside a new crop of PS4 games, although we’ll have to wait and see. As always, treat this as a rumor for the time being until we hear something concrete on the matter. 

Could it be God of War PSVR, a virtual-reality experience featuring the main man Kratos himself? It’s not out of the question, because PlayStation Magic Lab head, Richard Marks, recently uncovered that the team at Sony Santa Monica did once had a God of War VR demo!

So this is 2009, 2010. We had the PlayStation Move controllers, and a lot of people were just doing different stuff with them,” said Marks. “We put them on our head and did this with the TV. Another guy in R&D was putting it on his head and having a phone screen in front of his eyes, and that’s, you know, more like VR. And the same thing happened down in Santa Monica Studios. They made, like, a God of War VR demo.”

This would be a great move by Sony. If they were to show off God of War footage at E3 2017, and reveal that there’s God of War VR spin-off that will be free to players who buy the main game, can you imagine how many extra PlayStation VR headsets they could sell?

Outside of the rumored PSVR game, Sony Santa Monica is of course busy with the next instalment in the God of War series, which is currently in production exclusively for the PS4. No release date has been provided yet, though the action-adventure title is reportedly due to ship in 2018. No doubt we’ll hear more on God of War at E3, since it’s been nearly year since we’ve seen the game in action. 

 Source: VRFocus