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Greedfall Region of Hikmet Campsite Locations Guide


GreedFall is a massive role-playing game developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive . GreedFall has plenty of things to find and a huge world to explore. Thankfully there are campsites to help you with transitioning and fast travel while Skill Altars help advance your character just a little bit faster. We have compiled a small guide to help you find each of these camps and Skill Altars for the different regions you explore, starting with the GreedFall Region of Hikmet Campsite locations.

The Region of Hikmet is yet another large city region but with a little more to explore than San Matheus. There are only two Campsites and no Skill Altars in this region.

Campsite #1

Greedfall: Region of Hikmat Campsite 01
This campsite is located just past the military checkpoint camp right before you reach the city of Hikmet.

Campsite #2

Greedfall: Region of Hikmet Campsite 02
The second campsite is located just South East of the starting location of this region. You will have to come this way when taking on a sidequest to help stop merchants from being attacked by the natives.

GreedFall features a slew of locations for you to explore and this is just one of them. We have plenty of more guides to digest and if you want to see what we thought of the game check out our GreedFall review.

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