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Guide: Fortnite Stuck On Connecting Screen Error, How To Fix

Fortnite Stuck On Connecting Screen, Fortnite Connecting Screen Error, FortniteEpic Games‘ Fortnite is an online multiplayer romp, which means you’re going to encounter plenty of errors. One of them that’s being reported multiple times is the Fortnite Connecting Screen error, which leaves players stuck, unable to connect to a match.

Find out more details on this Fortnite error below.

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Fortnite Stuck On Connecting Screen

The Fortnite stuck on connecting screen issue is a sever-related problem, and sadly, it’s not possible to fix it yourself. Instead, Epic Games has to fix the problem on their side, so don’t think it’s anything to do with your console or connection; it’s not, but it does mean you have to sit tight and wait.

December 8, 2021 –

Servers are now back up and restored, so you shouldn’t be encountering this issue anymore.