Harmonix working on a new combat title

Famous for big titles like Rock Band and Dance Central, Harmonix has had major success with its music-oriented video games. Now, according to a job listing, the company looks to be moving into a more diversified direction.

As listed on, Harmonix has openings for new and existing titles available for anyone interested. Digging further, specifically into the official list of jobs on Harmonix’ website, the music company is now looking for a Combat Designer and even a Senior Level Designer. This could either be a new twist on the music genre, or it could be a completely new foray into something completely different. Unfortunately, until we know for certain what Harmonix has up its collective sleeve, we can’t do anything but speculate. That isn’t all bad, though, considering the notion of fighting with music via the PlayStation Move sounds pretty intriguing. Imagine using the PS Move controller to power cord an enemy, then let us know what you think this Harmonix job listing could mean.

Via Kotaku