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Hideo Kojima Wants To Go To Space To Make A Game

Hideo Kojima, if nothing else has been known as one of the industries more eccentric game creators, though that has generally resulted in some of the best video games we know today.

When Kojima gets asked about the future, Kojima usually answers by describing projects that are experimental to say the least.

In the past he’s spoken about his next project as “a new medium”, calling it more than what we know to be a game.

His most recent response to being asked about what he’d like to do next however has got to be his most far-out notion yet, as he wants to make a game that’s playable in space, and needs someone to send him to space to make it.

“I want to go to outer space. I want to go to outer space and create a game you can play In space… So please someone send me up to space.”

The answer came about a premiere for the new documentary focused on the storied creators career and artistic process, Connecting Worlds, with none other than his long-time industry friend Geoff Keighley being the one interviewing him at the time.

Considering the rest of Kojima’s work, it seems very likely that if someone were able to send the game creator to space, he’d be on his way to making something worth checking out.

Source – [Axios via VGC]