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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Rumors Gather Pace Ahead Of PS5 Games Reveal – Will It Be There?

Guerrilla Games has ignited fresh speculation about the as-yet unannounced Horizon Zero Dawn 2, suggesting the game will be making an appearance at Sony’s PS5 games reveal this Thursday. That’s what we’re all hoping for too, to be fair!

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 For PS5 Games Reveal?

Blake Rebouche, senior quest designer for Horizon Zero Dawn, tweeted ‘Joins us’ not long after Sony made the reveal, before deleting the message. Elsewhere, Richard Oud, lead animator with Guerrilla Games, also posted about the PS5 event before likewise removing his post.

So, why would a couple of innocuous tweets end up in the bin for? Well, the natural conclusion is that Sony doesn’t want people catching on that Guerrilla Games may have some sort of key role in the event, which is going to focus on first-party games. A new Horizon Zero Dawn would certainly fit the bill in that respect.

Recent chatter about Horizon Zero Dawn 2 suggested that the game originally started out life on PS4, but has since moved to Sony’s new home console. What’s more, the format holder is keen on making a trilogy.

Source: Respawn First