PS4 Vane

How To Save In Vane

vane save

We learned the hard way. After playing Vane for over an hour, we quit out thinking the game would auto-save, it doesn’t. To ensure you don’t make the same mistake, we’ve knocked up a quick guide on how the save system works in the adventure game from indie developer Friend & Foe.

Vane has numerous save points, though none of them can be found when you’re exploring. You’ll need to keep progressing through the game to the next big scene.

At the beginning of each chapter (or scene), your progress will be saved. Keep your eyes peeled for this icon, and we’d recommend having a little break at this point as you won’t be able to save again until the next big scene.

how to save in vane

In total, you can save in Vane a total of four times. There is no manual save option.

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