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It Looks Like She-Hulk Is Coming To Marvel’s Avengers

She-Hulk might have just been accidentally leaked as one of the next, if not the very next, character coming to Marvel’s Avengers.

While playing the game on the official Xbox Twitch channel alongside Crystal Dynamics lead designer Brian Waggoner, host Techniq seemingly dropped the fact that She-Hulk is in Marvel’s Avengers, by saying the actor who voices her, is also his acting coach.

This led to an awkward moment, where Waggoner had to point out that Crystal Dynamics has yet to talk about She-Hulk, or say who the next character introduced to the game will be.

So while this may not be how Crystal Dynamics may have wanted the news to get out, it seemingly has. It just goes to show that if you ever find yourself with confidential knowledge you’re not sure ought to be shared yet, best air on the side of caution.

In fairness to Techniq though, She-Hulk has been long rumoured as character coming to the game, with whispers dating back to 2020.

The most recent addition to the roster, has been Jane Foster as Thor.

Source – [Twitter]