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Journey To The Savage Planet Co-op Explained: Shared Resources, Skills, Equipment, and More


Alongside being fully playable on your own, Journey To The Savage Planet also features online co-op for you and a friend to explore the game’s wacky world together. The Journey To The Savage Planet co-op mode plays a bit differently from playing on your own.

We are going to highlight who hosts the co-op game, how materials work and are shared, whether or not you can use an existing save and more co-op details.

Journey To The Savage Planet Guide

Journey To The Savage Planet: Co-op Explained

Co-op in Journey To The Savage Planet can be accessed from the main menu, under the ‘Cooperative’ tab. The person who clicks this tab will be the Host of the co-op game. From this menu, you can then invite your friend via PSN. Once they have joined, hit ‘Start Game’. Unfortunately, local split-screen co-op is not supported.

Starting the game will use the Host’s existing save data if they already have one, otherwise, it will create a new save data and start you at the beginning of the game.

When playing in co-op any materials you find, as well as any collectibles you pickup or Orange Goo blobs you eat, will be shared between both players. Therefore if one player eats a blob of Orange Goo to level up the other player will automatically receive that bonus as well, without needing to physically eat the blob. If you need some more information on how levelling up works, you can check out our levelling up explained guide.

This is also true for any skills you purchase in the 3D Printer. If one person chooses to buy increased reload speed for your weapon, both players will receive that upgrade and the materials required to craft it will be used out of both players’ inventories. Therefore, you will need to communicate with your partner if you wish to specialise your loadout.


On top of that, if you wish to end a session only the host player will retain their save state, items, resources and materials. The joining player’s progress, save data, and resources will all be lost. So, Journey To The Savage Planet isn’t going to allow you to play with the same friend over multiple sessions and progress together. However, in either a solo or another co-op session, the host of the co-op game can jump back in right where they left off with all their progress saved.

That covers everything you need to know about Journey To The Savage Planet’s co-op mode before jumping in this week.

Journey To The Savage Planet is available now on PS4.