Konami under scrutiny for Silent Hill HD Collection issues

Fans across the internet have reported issues with the newly-released, and once greatly delayed, Silent Hill HD Collection.

Among these issues is the report of incorrect sound sync, framerate issues, and sound discrepencies. Issues like this definitely don’t justify the delays that this collection have been subjected to have. On top of that, some of these glitches have been attested to the potential belief that some parts from Silent Hill 2 have been censored in transition to HD.

Konami hasn’t responded to these accusations yet, and a patch has been released for the PlayStation 3 version of the collection to alleviate the issues, though some users still report having issues after the patch.

Since HD Collections are rehashed games from older consoles, it’s not appealing to know that a long-delayed collection of classic games seem to have difficulty running on next gen machines. Hopefully, Konami alleviates these issues quickly, so gamers can either relive the horrific moments or experience them for the first time. I, for one, really want to try these games on for size.