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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s Trophy List Seems To Indicate The New Game Plus Mode Is Locked Behind A Paywall

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is weeks away from release and players are expecting it to be the biggest Yakuza experience RGG Studio has ever delivered.

That there will be a lot to do is a given, and that’s only re-confirmed by the trophy list. But the trophy list seems to reveal something else.

According to the trophy list, it looks like the New Game Plus mode will be locked behind a paywall, and that players will need to purchase the Master Vacation Bundle DLC to unlock new game plus.

The trophy list, as listed by PowerPyx, shows a list for the main game, and then a separate list for the Master Vacation Bundle DLC.

Under the second list are trophies awarded for beating the game in the New Game Plus mode, and two more trophies for beating the game on the Hard and Legendary difficulties in New Game Plus.

The silver lining in all of this for trophy hunters is that these trophies aren’t required to earn the Platinum trophy, but they are required for 100% completion.

That’s of course if what this list seems to suggest is correct, and players will have to play extra just for the new game plus mode.

You do get more than just New Game Plus with the Master Vacation DLC, but it still feels odd to see such a standard game mode behind a paywall at all.

Though, this wouldn’t be the first time that RGG Studio and SEGA have tried this. For Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s release in Japan, the New Game Plus mode was included at launch, then removed and sold back to players.

What’s more is that players had a deadline to buy the New Game Plus mode for only 7 Yen, about $0.63 USD. If they missed the deadline, it went up to 980 Yen, about $8.79 USD.

Perhaps this time SEGA has decided to keep New Game Plus behind a paywall from the start. Of course you could just not pay for New Game Plus, and simply play the game again, in a different way, to get a different experience than your first playthrough.

Source – [PowerPyx]

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