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May 2020 PS Plus Games Now Available For PS4 Download

All Free PS Plus Games 2020

It’s the first Tuesday of a new month, and that means it’s time to grab the May 2020 PS Plus Games. This month’s offering’s have been controversial to say the least but hey, free games are free games. Also, you can catch our June 2020 PS Plus games prediction article here.

May 2020 PS Plus Games Now Available for PS4 Download

The May 2020 PS Plus Games include:

Both titles have seen some controversy since their announcement stirring the player base. Some have even gone out of their way and started a petition which has reached over 10,000 signatures to have the games changed, but we don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Both titles are simulators. Cities: Skyline is considered one of the best city-building simulators on the market offering hundreds of hours of in-depth city planning and building. Farming Simulator 19 is another simulation title with some great console mods. Farming Simulator even has its own Esport competition.

It may not be the titles most people were hoping for but we feel diversity in the games always leads to some surprising entertainment and discovery.