Metal Gear Survive demo rumor as Konami sets sights on E3 2017

metal gear survive demo

Konami is reportedly bringing a playable Metal Gear Survive demo to E3 2017, according to online reports. 

Despite keeping a low profile since its unveiling last year, the controversial title is indeed still in production and will show up in Los Angeles in June in playable form. Details on the demo have not been confirmed at this point, although this will be the first time we’re able to get a good look at the first post-Hideo Kojima Metal Gear title.

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Metal Gear Survive was announced at Gamescom 2016 and is set in an alternate reality, with the game taking place after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Here, we find the soldiers of Militaires Sans Frontieres transported via wormhole to a mysterious dimension inhabited with malevolent, zombie-like creatures. As such, players must work together to survive against these blood-thirsty foes in an effort to make it back to reality however possible.

While the same team who worked on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is also involved in this project, Kojima-san is not affiliated with the game in any shape or form, and has publicly stated that Metal Gear is about “political fiction and espionage,” and that zombies do not fit his vision for the brand. Needless to say, the reaction among fans to Metal Gear Survive has been overwhelmingly negative. 

Metal Gear Survive is due for release in 2017 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. We’ll let you know as soon as a Metal Gear Survive demo has been 100% confirmed.