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Metal Gear Survive gameplay looks like smashingly good fun

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There’s some great new Metal Gear Survive gameplay to cast your eyes over!

Having the Metal Gear name on Metal Gear Survive has clearly upset a lot of people. Especially given everything that surrounds its existence. From the Kojima fallout, to the unsatisfying end to MGS V, Survive is on a hiding to nothing with fans. I myself felt pretty annoyed by the theory of Metal Gear Survive’s zombie survival base-building at first. Yet, with the simply fantastic mechanics of Metal Gear Solid V acting as a base for it, there was always at least hope for Survive to be a good game. With every fresh glance, it really is looking like it will be a good, daft romp. Unfortunately, it’s one tied to a name that evokes sadness, anger, and regret in all who cherish it.

Metal Gear Survive is always online.

Metal Gear Survive gameplay looks a blast

IGN released five new minutes of footage that focuses on the game’s single player (a previous lengthier video can be found here). In it, the player character is seen building bases, shimmying up pipes to avoid detection, and laying some amusing traps. Personal highlights of the video? One is seeing some Dead Rising-esque melee action where the player wields a hefty flaming sword. The other is the player hanging off the edge of a cliff having set a slippery floor trap, and watching wanderers (the name for Survives crystal-headed zombies) comically slip and slide to their doom.

It has become increasingly apparent that despite the stigma attached to it, Metal Gear Survive is clearly going in its own daffy direction. Certainly it doesn’t yet bear any of the horrific markings of say, a Resident Evil spinoff like Umbrella Corps. There’s no denying that it could easily have been done without the Metal Gear name on it. Yet you can see why Konami are utilising one of their biggest brands. For better or worse.

We don’t have to be kept waiting to find out how good/bad/indifferent Metal Gear Survive is, as it releases on PS4 February 22. a beta is scheduled for next week.