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Metro Exodus Gameplay – 6 Exciting New Things I Discovered In First 5 Hours

Metro Exodus Review - PS4

Last Thursday we got to go hands-on with Metro Exodus for five hours, playing through three of the game’s levels. Metro Exodus is looking to be a well-polished game that brings the series into the spotlight.

During that time we got to record some gameplay of one of those levels. The Caspian is a large, open desert that lets players explore at their own pace. Unfortunately, there have been some issues with retrieving that gameplay back from 4A Games and Deep Silver. We are currently unsure if we will be able to receive the gameplay we recorded. If we get an update on this situation, we will be sure to let you know.

However, within The Caspian, as well as the other two levels I got to play, I discovered a bunch of new features that I didn’t know were in the game. So, here are seven of the most interesting new things I discovered as I played through parts of Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus Gameplay Features Drivable Vehicles

Metro Exodus Gameplay - 6 Exciting New Things I Discovered In First 5 Hours
The biggest surprise, was the revelation that the game will have a fully controllable vehicle.

So, yeah, I thought I would start off with a bang. The Caspian contains a fully controllable vehicle, a first for the Metro series. We have controlled vehicles on rail tracks before, but this is the first time we get to drive around wherever we want. The vehicle bears the most resemblance to an old Volkswagen Type 2, except this one, is brown, rusty, and lacking any windows.

I didn’t manage to get far enough into The Caspian mission to use this vehicle; however, I could see others around me driving it in their games and it seemed like a blast to crush enemies with it.

Metro Exodus Weapons – You Can Craft Ammunition

Something that did take me by surprise was the fact that you are able to craft ammunition at any point by pulling out Artyom’s backpack. Now, this is limited to pneumatic ammunition. Bullets can only be crafted at workbenches located in designated spots throughout a level.

However, being able to immediately make some extra ammo whenever I was low turned out to be super useful and saved my life a few times.

With that, you can also craft gadgets and consumables, such as throwing knives and medkits. All of this is tied to a pool of scavenging materials that does put some restrictions on how much you can craft. I still found myself running out of ammunition and medkits.

Metro Exodus Gameplay - 6 Exciting New Things I Discovered In First 5 Hours
Crafting ammunition appears to be a key way to survive in the Russian Wasteland.

Metro Exodus Characters Have A Bigger Focus

In Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, the mutant creatures were always the focus of the story. However, with this third entry, it appears that 4A Games are placing characters at the centre of its story. The Spartan Rangers accompany you aboard The Aurora train throughout the game. Those characters and their relationship with Artyom appears to develop over the course of the game, slowly building out a roster of characters that you will grow familiar with.

With that, new characters can be added to your crew. I found a woman and child trapped by a cult who upon rescuing became a permanent member of The Aurora. You can find out much more about Metro Exodus’ characters in our extended preview.

Metro Exodus Gameplay - 3
I was surprised to see so many characters placed at the forefront of the game’s storytelling.

Metro Exodus Choices Are Back

To my surprise, I learned whilst playing that choices are back in with Exodus. These allow you to tilt the narrative in a certain direction, eventually leading to one of the multiple endings. I found that these choices were much more common than in previous games.

I was constantly informed that what I had just done would have ramifications. The signature black and white pulse when this choice occurs is also back from 2033 and Last Light.

Decisions like killing or knocking out enemies, shooting a person begging to die or leaving them alive all have an effect on this scale eventually leading to your own ending. I did manage to get some more information on how these choices work in Metro Exodus and the effect they have on the game in my interview with Huw Beynon, Global Brand Manager at Deep Silver.

Metro Exodus Gameplay - 4
I was very pleased to see that choice are still present in Metro Exodus and that they will have an effect on the game’s ending.

Metro Exodus Enemies Will Surrender

A surprising addition to the game is the mechanic involving enemies surrendering. If you manage to whittle them down to just a handful, the few men left standing will stop shooting Artyom and surrender. This will then directly influence the previous point.

Killing the enemies which surrender will tilt that scale to the negative. However, if you choose to knock them out, or just leave them alone, you will tilt that scale to the positive.

Metro Exodus Gameplay - 5
Human Enemies in Metro Exodus will actually stop fighting you after a short time.

Metro Exodus Voiceovers – Ishi From Bulletstorm is Here

Ok so, this is a personal pick and I can’t 100% confirm it. However, I am confident that Andrew Kishino, the voice actor of Ishi from the criminally underrated Bulletstorm is voicing one of the crew members of the Aurora. I heard his voice once during my play session and the character appears to not be very prominent in the game. The best part is that he sounds like Ishi, he isn’t even trying to hide it.

Anyway, this was a silly, final pick but it was charming to hear a familiar voice. If it turns out Andrew isn’t in this game then I will look stupid, but I am willing to take that risk for my love of Bulletstorm.

Metro Exodus Gameplay - 6
Whilst not exciting for everyone, I found it cool to see an old face back in the games industry.

That covers some of the more notable new things I learnt during my time with Metro Exodus. To find out more, check out our interview with Huw Beynon, Global Brand Manager at Deep Silver, and check out the opening sequence.

Metro Exodus launches on February 15, 2019.