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Metro Exodus Multiple Endings Confirmed

Metro Exodus Review - PS4

Multiple endings have been a staple of the Metro series since 2033’s release back in 2010. Well, I am very happy to confirm that the third entry in the series Metro Exodus will have multiple endings. This was revealed via Webinar utilising tools provided by Webinar Care. I was able to confirm this when I got the chance to interview Huw Beynon, Deep Silver’s Global Brand Manager at a Metro Exodus Preview event last week.

In that interview, I asked the following question and got the following response from him:

PSU: In terms of endings and the morality system, I’ve noticed that mechanic is back in this game. Is it more influential this time as I have noticed more of my decisions are set to have consequences the further into the game I go?

Huw: It never went away! It is no secret that both games have different endings and it is based on the choices you make as a player. It is really important that the way that system works is that those choices aren’t telegraphed up front. There is no prompt that says press this button to do the good thing, press this button to do the bad thing. Honestly, we don’t call it a morality system because it is not just black and white. I think it is a lot more nuanced than that. It is very subtle in the game and that’s important as we don’t want people to try and game it. You play the game the way you want to play. You can be whatever character you want to be. You can react to the world however you like. But, ultimately, there will be consequences for the choices you make. There is no right ending and there is no wrong ending. As our creative director says “You will get the ending that you deserve.

It is clear that Metro Exodus is still holding onto the aspects people loved while expanding upon them with fresh new ideas.

Metro Exodus releases on PlayStation 4 February 15, 2019.

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Are you excited to have some choice over the ending you get in Metro Exodus?