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Microsoft Subpoenas Sony In Lawsuit With The FTC

Microsoft has sent a subpoena to Sony in its lawsuit with the FTC. Sony was meant to have until January 20, 2023 to attempt to either limit, quash, or respond in other fashion to the subpoena, but requested for an extension to January 27, 2023, which was approved.

The subpoena was first sent, though incorrectly, to Sony on January 12, 2023, after which Sony had to send it back to Microsoft over a lack of specificity as to who is “the proper recipient” as the filing put it.

It was revised and sent back on January 17, though at the time Sony was still expected to respond by January 20, 2023. Which brings us to the extension being requested, and granted.

Microsoft may be hoping that a subpoena of the company who’s been so vocally against its Activision Blizzard deal and making a show of Sony’s own exclusivity tactics will win them their case against the FTC.

Source – [FTC via VGC]