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Minecraft Is Reportedly Getting A Native PS5 Version

Minecraft is and has been one of the biggest games in the industry for years, which is why it’s such a shock to realize that it actually doesn’t have a native PS5 version available.

Well, it may not be a huge surprise when considering Minecraft is owned by Xbox, so you could see why Phil and co. might not have had a PS5 version for Minecraft high-up on the priority list, but regardless that wrong is in the process of being righted.

Spotted by the ever-reliable PlayStationSize Twitter account, which is constantly looking at the PlayStation Store’s back-end to see what’s incoming, the account tweeted that Minecraft is indeed getting a PS5 version.

We don’t know when it’ll be arriving, or how much space this new version will eat up on your console’s SSD, only that it is indeed coming.

But frankly, that’s all players really need to know, since that it’s finally coming surely has the Minecraft community on PlayStation collectively breathing a sigh of relief.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about what’s coming in this new version soon.

Source – [PlayStationSize on Twitter]