Minecraft update 1.65 patch notes reveal changes

minecraft ps4 final fantasy xv skin pack

There's a new Minecraft update 1.65 today, which delivers some minor changes for the PlayStation 4 version.

Minecraft update 1.65 addresses some bug fixes revolving around the Norse Mythology music.

The Minecraft update 1.65 patch notes reveal this solitary change:

  • Fix for Norse Mythology music not playing after the content was purchased and the game restarted.

The previous patch 1.64 delivered players the following:

  • Added Norse Mythology Mashup Pack.
  • Minecraft update 1.64 added Festive Tumble Arena.
  • Added “Sony 4th Birthday” Skin Pack (Limited Time).
  • Reenabled 1st, 2ndand 3rd Birthday Skin Packs (Limited Time).
  • Minecraft 1.64 update has added New Horse Model.
  • Added Dyeable Leather Horse Armour.

The last major patch was Minecraft update 1.57 which introduced the Glide Myths Track Pack, and a variety of other cool stuff. In the meantime if you're looking for some of the best Minecraft maps and sees on PS4 and PS4, check them out right here.