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Monster Hunter World Update 1.06 Out For PS4

monster hunter world update 1.06 patch notes

Capcom has sneaked out Monster Hunter World update 1.06 which deploys a few fixes for budding adventurers. Xbox One is also getting the patch (version

Update 1.06 is a much smaller patch than the recent 1.05 update, which fixed multiple quest issues and deployed some weapon balance changes. For a full list of changes, check out the Monster Hunter World release notes below.

Monster Hunter World Update 1.06 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when hunters had 31 or more Slashberries in their item pouch at the time of the last update where the maximum number of Slashberries a hunter can hold in their item pouch was reduced from 60 to 30. This update will move any Slashberries exceeding 30 in your item pouch to your item box.
  • Made additional fixes to an issue fixed in the last update

Xbox One:

  • Readjusted the search algorithm when searching for another player's session to join.

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