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Naughty Dog Announces It Is Giving Its Last Of Us Multiplayer Project More Time, Also Reveals A “Brand New Single Player Experience” Is In The Works

Wednesday’s PlayStation Showcase definitely held some long-awaited announcements, but it was not at all lost on fans that once again we went another showcase without a word from Naughty Dog.

Well The Last Of Us studio released a statement on Friday, recognizing that fans have waited for some time to hear anything about what’s next from the studio, and what the hell is going on with its Factions multiplayer project.
On top of that, it also said that we’d be hearing more about its “brand new single-player experience” sometime “soon,” whenever soon may be. Hopefully that means before the end of the year.

“We know many of you have been looking forward to heariing more about our The Last Of Us multiplayer game. We’re incredibly proud of the job our studio has done thus far, but as development has continued, we’ve realized what is best for the game is to give it more time.

Our team will continue to work on the project, as well as our other games in development, including a brand new single-player experience; we look forward to sharing more soon.

We’re grateful to our fantastic community for your support – thank you for your passion for our games, it continues to drive us.”

It’s been some time since we’ve heard about anything from Naughty Dog that isn’t a remake or a port, so even the fact that we’ve had the confirmation that it is indeed working on a new single-player project is exciting on its own.

However with how little we know, and how long its been since we’ve seen something from the studio that’s actually new, that feeling is tough to sustain.

And Naughty Dog isn’t the only studio we didn’t hear from on Wednesday, who’ve been quiet for a while. Yes, we got a bit of insight into two of the games coming from two new PlayStation Studios, but there are so many more who remained silent.

Of course things will be shown when they’re ready to be shown, but it’s tough for players to not feel like Sony is simply pulling its punches.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about what Naughty Dog is up to later on this summer, if not early fall.

Source – [Naughty Dog]