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New Achievements Added To Resident Evil 4 Remake Could Indicate New Content Coming Soon

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 4 is one of the best-selling and highly-praised releases of 2023 so far, and a new change to the PC version could be indicating that DLC content for it will be announced or potentially even coming soon.

It was spotted by Wario64 on Twitter that there had been 7 achievements added to the Steam version of the game, as spotted on the game’s SteamDB page.

Immediately, fans began to run wild with the thought that this could be the first indication of Ada Wong’s Separate Ways DLC coming soon.

For now, these achievements are just placeholders, with no real detail as to what they represent. Fans expect DLC at this point, considering Capcom’s track record with all its recent Resident Evil releases.

The remake recently skyrocketed past 3.7 million copies sold since launch, and we saw official confirmation that we’ll be getting a PSVR2 mode for Resident Evil 4 remake sometime in the future, which’ll be available to free for players.

Source – [Wario64]