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NFTs Are Not A Current Focus For FIFA 22 Publisher EA

FIFA 22 publisher Electronic Arts has revealed that NFTs are not currently a focus for the company, although it will continue to evaluate their potential going forward. For now at least, it doesn’t sound like NFTs will be implemented into any of their games.

Speaking during EA’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson said that while ‘collectability’ will continue to remain a key component of the industry, he isn’t sure right now if that means NFTs or something else.

The way I look at this is, collectability is really built on four key metrics. That’s around high-quality content, it’s around scarcity, it’s around proof of authenticity, and it’s around a group of people that find value in that content.

We’ve seen that happen in the real world and we’ve seen that happen in the virtual world with certain things that happened in and around our games for some number of years.

And I believe that collectability will continue to be an important part of our industry and the games and the experiences that we offer our players.

Whether that’s part of NFTs and the blockchain, well that remains to be seen. And I think the way we think about it is, we want to deliver the best possible player experience we can. And so, we’ll evaluate that over time, but right now it’s not something that we’re driving hard against.

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Wilson revealed during the same earnings report that Battlefield 2042 did not meet EA’s expectations at launch.

[Source – VGC]