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Ni no Kuni 2 Rosehip Tart – Side-Quest Walkthrough

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In Ni no Kuni 2 there's some fantastic items you can get from side quests that will help you in combat. The Ni no Kuni 2 Rosehip Tart is such a recipe you can cook up!

Where to find Rosehip Tart quest?

You'll be given a side-quest called ‘A Secret Sweet Tooth' - it's mission 55, and you'll discover it from Chapter 6. The quest can be found in Goldpaw, and you'll need to fetch the Sweet-Toothed Man the Rosehip Tart.

How to get the Rosehip Tart?

With a rarity level of 5, you're going to need a fully upgraded cookshop. Even though you can pick up the quest at Chapter 6, it's likely you'll be near end-game before you can complete it.

Make sure that Tasty's Cookshop is upgraded to the max, and cook as much food as possible to boost your cooking level. Once, you've done that you'll be able to make the tart.

What does the Rosehip Tart do?

Though it can only be cooked near the end of the game, the Rosehip Tart is a great item. Not only can you now complete the ‘A Secret Sweet Tooth' quest, but you can use this item in combat to boost your charged attacks more rapidly.

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  • Weston Connally

    Does the recipe only arrive once you’ve hit a certain cookery lvl? I’m on chapter 9 with a maxed out cook store, and cookery lvl 7, but I still don’t have the recipe.

  • Neil Morgan

    Recipe hasn’t unlocked for me and I have completed the story, cooked to lvl 10, and fully upgraded the cookery.

    • Jean Vigo

      This website is saying bullshit.

      1/ Finish the game ;
      2/ Congrats, you’re now in post-game if you have reloaded your save ;
      3/ Get west of Ding Dong Dell ’til you see a side quest icon on the world map ;
      4/ Meet Dekkah. Dekkah wants food. Give Dekkah food ;
      5/ Dekkah goes somewhere else. Follow the blue arrow to see where he went ;
      6/ Give him the food he asked ’till you meet him in the desert and he asks for food you don’t know (gooey curry) ;
      7/ He’ll give you a new recipe book, in which you will find the recipe for the rosehip tart.

      That’s how you get Dekkah (quest 160), the rosehip tart recipe (quest 055), and the gloopy curry recipe (quest 168), amongst others.

      Have fun.