No Man’s Sky: Fastest way to earn money

The currency in No Man’s Sky is called credits. If you want to buy a decent ship and trade at outposts for the premium stuff then you’re going to have to earn credits as you explore the galaxy. Check out these no Man’s Sky tips for earning money fast.

Make easy money in No Man’s Sky

So far, we’ve come across a few ways to earn No Man’s Sky credits, and we’ve got a few tips for you too on ways that you can bag some decent amounts of cash.

1. Each time you find a trading post on a planet, mine the area around it like crazy before moving on. As soon as your inventory is full go to the trading terminal and sell your goods (the ones you don’t really need!). Simply, keep repeating the process in the local area to earn $$$!

2. Once you’ve exhausted the area nearby, make a note of where the trading post is located and head back to your ship. Don’t head too far away from the trading post, but fly away from the area that you’ve just depleted and scour around for more valuables by landing your ship in a new area. High-paying trading commodities are marked on your scanner as grey chests. They will appear as green items in your inventory, and you can also spot some trade-worthy commodities while wandering around – look out for green spikey structures, or green glowing structures, which can be destroyed to earn you Emeril and Gold. Go back and forth to the trading post to cash them in.

3. Use your analysis visor to scan regularly. Every animal that you discover will unlock credits. Activate your visor and zoom in on every creature. You may earn 200 credits immediately, but you’ll earn 1,000 credits for each discovery if you upload your findings into the Atlas. Do this by pressing options and selecting those creatures. You can also earn money for uploading new planet or galaxy discoveries. Don’t forget to upload everything, otherwise you’re just throwing away cash!

4. Sell your Atlas Stone! You don’t need this at any point in the game. It’s simply a rare and valuable commodity that you can sell for approximately 70,000 credits. You’ll find more of these at Atlas Stations in other universes. It will be a while before you find your first Atlas Stone, but if you’re following the path of Atlas you’ll come across it automatically!

5. On some planets you’ll find Vortex Cubes. These are extremely valuable, selling for up to 35,000 credits. When you find a Vortex Cube it’s highly likely that the planet you are on has many more. So, don’t be too keen to move away from the area. Mine it for all the Vortex Cubes it has and your bank balance will rise rapidly. Gravitino Balls will also make you a mint, so repeat the process if you come across a planet containing these shiny beauties!

no mans sky tips

6. At trading posts and the space station you’ll see that items at the Galactic Trade Post sell for different amounts depending on what universe you are in. Keep a note of the universes that offer the best deals for certain materials. It may well be worth a trip light years away back to a trading post to offload your precious loot at the best price, particularly if you’ve been stock-piling stuff. This tip is particularly relevant to minerals. On some planets you can make a fortune from a certain mineral that is fairly easy to mine. Each time you discover a new universe, the first stop you should make is at the space station to find out what is hot and what is not!

7. When near a space station, remember you can also mine in orbit! Farm the area around the space station in your ship with your X button. Shoot down shiny structures which often contain precious Emeril, and go back and forth to the Galactic Trade Post to cash them in.

8. Remember, you can also trade with some aliens. Whenever you see a ship dock at the space station or trading post, approach it and press Square. You can buy and sell from aliens, and some will offer sweet deals for your goods.

9. Don’t ignore Monoliths. They help you understand the language of that universe’s alien race. The more words you uncover the friendlier they’ll be to you. That translates into aliens that you interact with offering you rare goods. Monoliths will appear as purple symbols on your scanner! Go and track them down and interact with them.

10. Upgrade your exosuit and ship when you can. The knock-on effect of having more inventory slots means that you can carry more goods and make more money! You can upgrade your exosuit inventory at drop pods (for a fee), and can upgrade your ship inventory by buying a new ship from a trading post or the space station. If you’re lucky you may even find a crashed ship with more inventory space for free!

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