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Onimusha: Warlords: How To Enter The Dark Realm Guide


Onimusha: Warlords has plenty of collectibles and secrets to find. Released originally on the PlayStation 2 this remastered is packed with collectibles to find, hidden weapons to acquire, and secret game modes to unlock. Finding and entering the Dark Realm is simple enough. Surviving it is a different beast. In order to access the Dark Realm you must find an old man that looks like he’s wrapped in a cocoon sliding down a web. You have to find him two times and on the third encounter he’ll welcome you to the Dark Realm.

His first location is in the Keep. Right as you enter walk forward and enter the save room on your left, walk to the back wall and he should slide down look at you and leave.

The second encounter is with Keade. When you first take control of her and enter the area that has the three electrical locks on it the said room leads to the Vision Staff. As you run around the corner you will see a well that you can climb down. Head down this well and reach the end wall and the man will slide down look at you again and leave.

When you regain control of Samanosuke visit any of these two locations again and the man will invite you to the Dark Realm where you must battle up twenty floors collecting items on the way up.

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