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Outcast: A New Beginning Gets A New Gameplay Trailer, Still No Release Date

Outcast: A New Beginning was once again shown off during THQ Nordic’s Showcase as it has been in previous years, but this time we pretty much got two and a half minutes of gameplay.

Formerly known as Outcast 2: A New Beginning, though we got a new title, we still didn’t get a release date. At the gameplay shown is already impressive, flying around the planet of Adelpha, which already looks stunning.

You’ll be sliding on the jetpack of newly resurrected ex-Navy SEAL Cutter Slade, who after his arrival on Adelpha is soon tasked with saving the planet, for what he discovers will be the second time in his life.

The new trailer shows off more combat and traversal gameplay than we’ve previously seen, and even gives us a look at the menu system and the management systems involved in helping save a whole planet.

Developer Appeal Studios also revealed new screenshots along with Friday’s trailer, so at least it’s safe to say the game is already looking great, even if players have no idea when they’ll get their hands on it.

Source – [THQ Nordic]