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Overwatch Update 2.29 Arrives With Blizzard World Map In Tow

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The hotly-anticipated Overwatch update 2.29 has been delivered today on PS4, so sayeth Blizzard Entertainment.

This latest patch adds a bunch of new cosmetic items, but more importantly, it adds the new map, Blizzard World, available in Quick Play and Custom Game matches.

Blizzard World is an Assault/Escort map that blends various game worlds from Blizzard history into a theme park-esque arena. Players will be defending the payload across the likes of Azeroth, Tristram, and Koprulu Sector. If you are nuts for all things Blizzard, this is quite literally a virtual Disneyland for you.

Overwatch Update 2.29 Lands

Elsewhere, Overwatch’s lootboxes have been supplanted with over 100 new cosmetic items inspired by not only Blizzard World, but the Overwatch animated shorts, and more. This of course means you can now hope to find new legendary skins such as Barbarian Zarya, Crusader Reinhardt, Black Cat D.Va, and Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei

In addition, players can obtain snazzy new emotes. These include Mercy’s Parasol, Sambra’s Marioneta, and Tracey’s Bomb Spin.

As you’d expect with any significant update, Blizzard has also fixed a few key bugs. In particular, the one regarding weapon accuracy displaying at 100 percent while on the career profile has been addressed.

This is the first major update of 2018 for Overwatch, but Jeff Kaplan has promised this will be a fruitful year for new Overwatch content. We discussed what that might be in an overview of What to Expect for Overwatch in 2018 just a little while ago. The promise is that of more maps, more tweaks, and at least a couple of new heroes to be revealed.

Overwatch’s esports league started recently too, and has proven to be a pretty popular thing. It certainly looks to be at the forefront of Blizzard’s plans for the future of the shooter.