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PlayStation Could Move To Acquire A Japanese Studio, Analyst Suggests

If there was any doubt that the console wars were over, January should have solved that problem. The acquisition wars have begun, and they are well under-way.

We know to expect more acquisitions from pretty much most of the major players in the industry, particularly PlayStation, and a recent report indicates where that may come from.

Speaking to website VGC, analyst Dr. Serkan Toto, chief executive officer of consultancy Kantan Games believes PlayStation’s next acquisition could likely be a Japanese studio.

Dr. Toto doesn’t specify which ones they could go after, but remarks that Sony has a huge advantage in this case over Microsoft.

The cultural barriers that Microsoft would have to overcome when purchasing a Japanese studio just aren’t there with PlayStation.

Sony of course has the home-field advantage, and some of the challenges that would come up for Microsoft would not apply to Sony. It doesn’t have to be one of the publicly traded powerhouses, but I believe Sony is at least considering making a move in Japan soon.”

After the big Bungie announcement, we may be waiting a while more before we hear of more acquisitions. But make no mistake, they will definitely be happening.

Source – [VGC]