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PlayStation Vita New Releases This Week – 9 December – December 15

playstation vita new releases

Despite the impending production stoppage of the PlayStation Vita, fanhood for the system is alive and well. A dedicated niche population on social media, who refer to themselves as Vita Island, keep the system alive through constant news updates and the cultivation of some fairly hardcore collections.

Vita Islanders excitedly announce new game releases, offer reviews, and happily congratulate each other on new acquisitions (especially physical copies). Vita Island is one of the most friendly and inclusive sub-cultures in gaming.

Residents of Vita Island, who identify themselves by using the hashtag #VitaIsland always know what new PlayStation Vita releases are releasing this coming week, and they are 100% aware of new game announcements. This post is for the rest of us – PlayStation fans and casual Vita owners that have played through all of their free PlayStation Plus games, and are looking for something new. Despite being relegated to a dusty shelf in the back of the local Game Stop, PS Vita games are still being released online at a steady clip.

Here’s the new release lineup for this week:

Atari Flashback Classics – Releases 12.14

These Atari Flashback Classics releases have been popping up on every system under the sun, so it’s about time that Vita got its turn.

Carrying on the timeless Atari tradition of cover art that in no way represents the gameplay…

While we were unable to locate a list of the games included in the package, the recent Switch edition contained over 150 games. As the blurb for the game on the PlayStation Blog advertises “the most complete Atari collection ever seen on a handheld device”, one can probably assume that the game list will be similar to the one found here.

Totally worth it – for Millipede alone.

Interestingly, the release on PS4 contains Atari 2600 games, Atari 5200 games, and games that were originally released in the arcade. While we are familiar with most of these titles, some of them seem to be deep cuts.

Dragonfly Chronicles

The trailer for Dragonfly Chronicles absolutely screams Super Nintendo side-scroller. I got some serious Contra vibes off of this one. Developed by Marco Ayala Games, Dragonfly has been on Steam since August, where it has garnered not a single user review.

Colorful hand drawn backgrounds and acrobatic gameplay seem to be the order of the day here.

It is likely that the port to Vita will bring Dragonfly Chronicles some much-needed attention from the devoted Vita community. How often does a dev team port to Vita to raise their game’s profile?

The official blurb reads as follows:

“Play as Mark West in his quest to find out what happened to his father and what The Dragonfly is conspiring. Destroy deadly enemies and creatures as you escape from exploding facilities and enjoy awesome comic-book cinematic cutscenes!”

Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition

Night Trap has to be towards of the top of the “games so bad they are good” list.

Oh 80’s…I kinda miss you sometimes.

Developed in 1987 and released in 1993 for the Sega CD, Night Trap originally caused a ruckus for its 1980’s-style stalker/murder plot and images of violence. Tame by today’s standards, Night Trap is now regarded as a Full Motion Video classic, a curiosity from an era of experimental film and video game hybrids.

Recently released on a physical cartridge by Limited Run (cartridges sold out in under five minutes), Night Trap will see a digital release on 12-13 so the rest of us can roll our eyes while secretly enjoying the super-corny fun.